A Diver Comes ‘Face To Face’ With A Giant Sea Creature The Size Of Her Own Body (Incredible VIDEO)

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It is the largest jellyfish species that lives in the waters of the United Kingdom and can reach almost a meter in diameter.

British conservationist and television presenter Lizzie Daly met up with a giant animal, the size of an adult human, as she dived last Saturday off the coast of Falmouth (Cornwall, UK), she explained in her account. Twitter

The ‘face to face’ meeting took place while Daly participated in the Wild Ocean Week campaign, to collect funds for the conservation of marine animals.

The species Rhizostoma pulmo – the largest of the family of jellyfish in the region – can measure up to 90 centimeters in diameter and reach a weight of 35 kilograms, details the portal Cornwall Live.



Source: ActualidadRT