A Disgusting Way To Catch Seafood For Diner (VIDEO)

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A video that has gone viral on Facebook  and has terrified viewers when it reveals the moment when live creatures begin to emerge from the water, after a guy enters the well with a net. 

In the beginning of the video you see the guy next to a stick that was held to avoid him from falling into the water. The young man who appears in the viral video on Facebook  got into the murky waters with a makeshift fishing net  and took a bunch of creatures along with some fish.

When the person who was recording approached with his camera close up to the creatures that were pulled out of the well, it was possible to see what they were. The young man had caught ten or so crabs, shrimp and live fish that lived in the well.

“I do not think that he had to risk his life to capture the seafood from the well”, “Happily no tragedy occurred”, were some of the comments that viewers shared on Facebook.


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