A Day At The Beach Turns To Fear When They See It Swimming So Close To The Shore (VIDEO)

A man recorded a viral video in which a giant creature appears emerging from the depths of the ocean to frighten unsuspecting bathers on a beach in Florida – USA. They were shocked by the appearance of the strange animal.

An afternoon of fun for a group of young people on the beach became an unexpected experience when they captured the figure of a giant creature that prowled the beach. The images show how they were shocked to see a the strange presence was a potential dangerous predator.

For this reason, the man states that at first he thought that the black figure was a hungry shark that had dared to swim to the surface to delight with a group of swimmers, however, when approaching the creature and ‘risking his life’, he realized that he was in fact a huge manatee.

“We were relaxing on the beach when everyone noticed that a large black figure was moving in the water, so I jumped with my phone and took a video. At one point, I thought it was a shark because of its immense size, but then I realized that it was a manatee, “the young man was heard on the shared recording on YouTube.

On the other hand, his friends who had taken him to Landshark Landing in Pensacola Beach were shocked to be surprised by the huge sea ​​creature that emerged from the sea in search of food. According to wildlife experts, manatees or marine cows are gentle herbivores that spend most of their time searching and ingesting riparian plants and the shallow waterbed.

It is worth mentioning that the unusual incident was recorded on June 12, 2019 at Pensacola Beach, Florida, located in the United States. 

“What fear, even I would have jumped from fear”, “Incredible animal!”, The viewers mentioned. 


Source: La Republica