A Curious Beluga Whale Wants to Befriend an Unusual Animal and Invites it to Play [Video]

he cetacean -which some in Norway thought was a Russian spy- stars in another sensational video that catches everyone’s eye on YouTube.

An uneven friendship. The beluga whale -which some in Norway thought was a Russian spy- again stars in another sensational YouTube video in which she plays with a seagull she wants to become friends with.

The material, shared on YouTube by the Caters Clips channel, was recorded by Jan-Olaf Johansen while working aboard a ship on the Norwegian quay at Hammerfest and he noticed the presence of the cetacean.

On closer inspection, Johansen was surprised to see the friendly whale (which has been dubbed Hvaldimir after its fame rose like foam in social networks) emerge to the surface in pursuit of the seagull.

The sailor continued to record the beluga whale as it tried to attract the bird’s attention by touching it with its snout, without success. After several minutes of playfully swimming near her, the seagull took flight.