A Cruise Will Set Sail In Search Of UFOs With Recognized Ufologists 

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It will be in October, leaving from San Diego, United States, and stops in the Mexican Pacific. There will be talks by renowned ufologists.

In the world of cruises there is the item of  thematic cruises. And there are for all tastes, from those dedicated to gastronomy with famous chefs on board, to those dedicated to body care or music. But there are also stranger options, such as the cruise ship that, in October, will set sail in search of UFOs .

No, it’s not a joke. This is the proposal of the cruise “The truth is out there” – sounds like the X-Files series? -, which invites you to join a trip from October 6 to 13 aboard the MS Oosterdam.

The vessel is Holland American Line and has a capacity for 1,848 passengers.

The proposed itinerary begins in the port of San Diego (California, United States ) and promises stops in Cabo San Lucas (Baja California), Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, all in the Mexican Pacific .

The tour lasts seven nights  and, in addition to the stopovers in each of the mentioned ports and the typical activities of a cruise -spa, dances in the nightclub, gastronomy in different restaurants, musical shows, etc.- there will be seminars and workshops on extraterrestrials and parallel activities related to the cultures of native peoples, meditation and the search for ancestral knowledge such as the Mayan fire ceremony. It costs from 1,698 dollars per person, plus mandatory fees and tips.

The light of wisdom

The organizers say that this cruise “will not only discover the lies. It will teach you the truth . As we dispel darkness and shine the light of wisdom, we enter the true light of consciousness. “

Accompanying the crossing are some famous figures associated with UFO sightings, such  as Jan Harzan, executive director of Mufon, a UFO hunting organization that claims to be the oldest and largest in the world: with 50 years of experience they accumulated 100,000 sightings and close encounters.There will also be filmmakers and producers of the Ancient Aliens program, from History Channel, which investigates alleged contacts of ancient civilizations with extraterrestrials.

A Cruise Will Set Sail In Search Of UFOs With Recognized Ufologists 

Aerial view of Malecon, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, one of the cruise lines.

And the UFOs? Well, just at night, passengers can be accommodated on the deck with binoculars to “hunt UFOs”.

Part of the explanation is that the sky of that area of Mexico is very clean and the stellar vision is optimal. Now, from there to guarantee that you can see flying saucers or strange lights in the sky, there is a great distance.

A Cruise Will Set Sail In Search Of UFOs With Recognized Ufologists

Visit to native peoples to rescue ancestral knowledge.


Source: Clarin