A Crocodile Stalks A Dog On A Flooded Street In India And Attacks Him (Sickening VIDEO)

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Unscrupulous people see the predator approaching the dogs to attack and are not worthy of trying to save them. The terrified dog asks for help and the guy just stands there staring at the situation.

Workers from environmental entities managed to capture at least three reptiles in flooded residential areas of the city of Vadodara.

Images of the moment when a crocodile attacks a dog in a flooded street in the city of Vadodara, in the Indian state of Gujarat, west of the country have been disseminated on social networks.

The scene took place this Thursday in a residential area of that town, which in recent days has been hit by heavy rains . The video shows how the reptile approaches two dogs and bites one of them, but does not continue with the attack. Later, the crocodile was captured by personnel from environmental entities.

The falling precipitations on Vadodara have caused the overflow of a river where crocodiles live, and the one that attacked the dog was not the only one that entered the city. Two other reptiles were captured in other areas of the town.


Source: ActualidadRT