A Crocodile Is Sent To Prison For Eating More Than 10 Dogs [PHOTO]

Viral Twitter . Numerous Hollywood movies have shown us on several occasions the terror that lives in a community due to the stalking of a magnanimous animal . In Australia an overwhelming fact was experienced thanks to the presence of a huge reptile accused of devouring more than ten dogs.

Likewise, it was reported that the crocodile had previously kept the entire community of Tiví ( Australia ) in suspense for a period of one year. It transpired that the reptile has a weight of 600 kilograms that he used to gobble up twelve dogs, besides having attacked a fisherman, as 9 News highlights.

According to the image that was broadcast on Twitter and other social networks, the huge crocodile is seen being transported to prison by local authorities wearing blindfolds with a metal band.

ChispaTv highlighted that the crocodile “was sentenced” to spend the rest of its life in an animal care center of its kind where it will be surrounded by 300 females and will no longer endanger people or other animals in the community.

In social networks, netizens expressed their fear of the animal and the mystery of how it arrived on the Australian streets of Tiví, however, the crocodile is expected to be well treated in their new home.