A Crewman Waves ‘Goodbye’ With A Giant Hand While Two Passengers Arrive Late To Re-Board The Ship (VIDEO)

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Travellers on another ship also scoff at people who were left on land.

On social networks a video has been broadcast in which it seems that a crew of the Freedom of the Seas cruise makes fun of two travellers who could not board because they were late and were left on the pier of the Caribbean island of San Martin.

The recording shows how a member of that ship’s staff waves a large hand-shaped sign with the word ‘bye’ – ‘goodbye’, in English – while a man and a woman lament that they couldn’t get on board.

During the scene, some people from another ship are also heard making fun of the situation with whistles and shouts: “They lost it!”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Caribbean cruise company said the crew greeted the staff of another ship as “a sign of nautical camaraderie” and had no intention of making fun of the couple who were on the dock, reports The Sun.

Also, that spokeswoman said that “departure times are announced on board” and “are published in newsletters and in halls to keep guests informed at all ports of call” and regretted “the inconvenience” experienced by those guests.


Source: ActualidadRT