A Child Would Be Swallowed Completely In This “Quicksand” Without Even Being Noticed!

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In a video of barely 28 seconds long, a vacationer shows how he sinks in the sand up to his torso, after stepping on what seems like another simple stretch of the shoreline along the beach of Isla del Carmen, Campeche.

The man says “water with the sinking, it can be an accident for children, look …”. While another voice, from a woman, stresses “it’s dangerous”.

“It’s dangerous, I do not feel the bottom, I even feel that the earth erodes,” the man who plays the video re-speaks.

It should be noted that quicksand can be found in inland areas on the banks of rivers, near lakes, or in swamps, or near the coast.

In order to be able to move in the quicksand, sufficient pressure must be applied in the condensed sand and the necessary quantity of water introduced in order to liquefy it.

The force required to get out of quicksand is extremely important: to move a foot in the quicksand at a speed of one centimeter per second requires the same force that you have to invest to lift a medium-sized car (exert a force of more than tonne).

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