A Brutal Confrontation In A Brazil River That Has A Tragic Ending (VIDEO)

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Fight to the death. A YouTube video captured the precise moment when a jaguar put into practice his deadly technique to attack a crocodile in a large lake in Brazil. The stunning recording was made by the National Geographic working group, which showed the wild life of predators that fight for their survival in nature.  

The big cats such as lions, leopards and tigers, are among the animals that have enough muscle strength to end the life of a crocodile adult. A video shows the tragic outcome of the confrontation between a jaguar and a crocodile.

The YouTube recording shows the jaguar spotting the movements of its prey (crocodile) that was in a swamp, where its turbid waters confuse it and makes it almost impossible to achieve its goal. However, when approaching its ‘ prey ‘ does not hesitate to launch below the surface, disappearing momentarily in a white foam.

Seconds later, the cunning jaguar comes out with the crocodile held between its jaws. The radical technique that the cat uses is strangulation as its deadly weapon, but to subdue its victim it has to bite it in the back of the head or the skull.

According to wildlife experts, the big felines are designed to face large prey like a crocodile, among the powerful features are their jaws and toned muscles that make it the reptile’s main predator.

The YouTube video shows the brutal scene between a jaguar and a crocodile through a swamp, located in the strip of wetlands that cover 70,000 square miles (181,300 square kilometers) in central South America. The images have shown that jaguars attack crocodiles in a wide range of size.

The outcome of the amazing video provoked the reactions of thousands of Internet users. “The battle between the predators is impressive”, “This is nature, the jaguar seeks to feed themselves and do not hesitate to show their power”.



Source: La Republica