6 Britons Arrested With A Ton Of Cocaine

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Police verified that the drug traffickers were conditioning the ship to transport the drug

6 British citizens have been caught with their hands in the dough with almost a ton of cocaine in a joint operation started eight months ago, between the National and British Police.

The group was stopped in front of Wales, in a ship ironically called ‘Bold’, after a trip that saw them crossing the Atlantic from Spain to Suriname and the United Kingdom.

The National Police had been working with the British NCA (National Crime Agency) since December 2018, when two of the group members were traced to Mallorca.

When the ship was bought in Mallorca, the alleged smugglers were already under the supervision of several authorities.

Bold’s trip took the couple through Huelva to pick up other smugglers, and then to Tenerife, where the ship’s registration marks were removed.

They were tracked picking up their cargo in Suriname, in South America, and then monitored again to the United Kingdom, where authorities boarded the ship off the coast of Wales on August 27.

Subsequently, the six were arrested in possession of 950 kilos of cocaine, as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking offense.

Five of the group were men between 22 and 53, with a 30-year-old woman, all Welsh.

6 Britons arrested with a ton of cocaine.


6 Britons Arrested With A Ton Of Cocaine

The sailboat “Bold” in the Port of Alcúdia (National Police)


Source: Timis