46 Years In Prison For A Network That Tried To Bring Cocaine In Boats From Cape Verde

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The fishing licenses expired before the arrival of the mother ship, so the organization was then moved to container traffic by Valencia and Algeciras.

The National Court has sentenced to penalties amounting to 46 years in prison and 27 million euros in fines to an international network of drug trafficking, which sought to introduce in Spain a ton of cocaine from South America in Galician fishing from Cape Verde to Vigo. The Romeo operation was frustrated in 2015 because fishing licenses in the Atlantic expired before the arrival of the mother ship that was to transport the drug from Brazil to Africa, according to the court ruling. Then part of the network was transferred to cocaine traffic in containers through the blind hook system “backpacks with drugs between legal cargo without the consent of their owners” by the Spanish ports of Valencia and Algeciras, as well as the Europeans of Le Havre , Marseille or Rotterdam.

Among the 8 defendants are the alleged ringleaders, a French citizen and a Dominican, as well as two Galicians, natives of Ourense although settled in Vigo and Tarragona respectively, who have a previous conviction for drug trafficking in the Basque Country. All confessed the facts and be part of a criminal group to reach an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office that halved the sentences initially requested. The ringleaders accepted seven and a half years of prison each, while the ourensano settled in Tarragona was satisfied with 5 years and 10 months for the crime of drug trafficking and other months for the gun that was intervened in his house. The neighbor of Vigo was sentenced only in tentative degree to 3 years in prison, because he only participated in the failed Romeo operation .

The ruling states that the two Galicians “made available to the organization fishing vessels based in the port of Vigo that would spend months fishing in the waters of the Atlantic near the archipelago of Cape Verde to favor the transshipment of the drug.” The neighbor of the olívica city also had “contacts with individuals who would contribute at the time all the necessary infrastructure to recover the cocaine upon arrival in port in Galicia”.

Once the great maritime cache was frustrated, the organization decided to wait until the next fishing season to try it, for which it held numerous meetings in Vigo and Catalonia. Meanwhile, a part of the group with the Ourense based in Tarragona and the Dominican citizen, approached another project they called Del frío , with a group of Galician businessmen who traveled to Barcelona to prepare a shipment of drugs from Ecuador and Colombia. One of the shipments identified with the logo of “Buddhas” was intercepted by the Civil Guard in Algeciras in 2016 hidden in a load of bananas. In total 301 kilos of cocaine valued at 10.5 million.

Another part of the initial structure designed various drug transports through European ports, and had the neighbor of Vigo, his collaborator in Galicia, to recover, transport and distribute those shipments.

46 Years In Prison For A Network That Tried To Bring Cocaine In Boats From Cape Verde


Source: la opinion coruna