“Suck It In Everybody” The Largest Ship That Crosses A Narrow Channel In Greece (VIDEO)

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The MS Braemar cruise ship had less than a meter and a half of margin to pass the Corinth Canal.

The MS Braemar tourist cruise, owned by the Norwegian company Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, has made history this Wednesday by becoming the largest vessel that has crossed the Corinth Canal in Greece.

This channel is an artificial route that connects the gulf of the same name with the Aegean Sea. It has a length of 6.3 kilometers and at its narrowest point it measures only 24 meters , a difficulty for many boats.

However, these dimensions have not been an impediment for the colossal Norwegian vessel of 24 tons, 195 meters in length and 22.52 meters in length , which has had a narrow margin of less than a meter and a half to perform this feat.

During the trip there were 929 passengers on board the boat, who enjoyed the experience of crossing the steep rocky margins of the canal.

“We strive to create memories that last a lifetime, and by giving guests aboard the Braemar the opportunity to get so close to the edges of the Corinthian canal that they could almost touch them, we know that these will be a vacation they will never forget,” They wrote  from the company.


Source: Actualidad RT