Fishermen Frighten Off A Bear That Was In The Process Of Eating A Helpless Marine Mammal Did They Do The Right Thing? (VIDEO)

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Some have applauded the fishermen for ‘saving’ the seal, but others criticized them saying that all they did was intervene in the course of nature.

 The viral Youtube video of the ‘rescue’ of a seal that already seemed destined to end up in the stomach of a bear that he had hunted along the banks of a lake of a Siberia river has become highly popular.

The video was filmed by two fishermen while they were sailing near the obscene event in a motor boat. When they saw the brown bear about to kill the seal, they made some noises to scare him away, although perhaps it was the engine noise that scared the bear, as he took off running very fast into the distance without hesitation.

Be that as it may, several viewers doubt that the fishermen did a good thing, since although they helped the seal escape, they also prevented the bear from feeding from the water that would have cost him a lot of energy to hunt.

It is also not entirely clear where the video was filmed. A source indicates that it was in a region near Lake Baikal, while others point out that the images correspond to the island of Sakhalin.


Source: Actualidad RT