Russian-Syrian Naval Forces Conducted Joint Drills (CAUGHT ON VIDEO)

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On December 17, the Russian RT TV published a video of the recent Russian-Syrian naval exercises that took place on the Syrian coast.

The video shows different Russian and Syrian units that train to combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), combat illegal armed groups, as well as locate and eliminate the consequences of the use of weapons.

The drills mainly took place inside the Russian naval base in the port of Tartus. Syrian and Russian warships, armored vehicles, fighter jets and air defense systems participated in the exercises.

The Russian fleet has conducted several drills on the coast of Syria since 2015. However, these were the first joint drills with the Syrian fleet.

These joint exercises will help improve communication and coordination between the Russian and Syrian fleets. Russia had pledged to help rebuild the capabilities of the Syrian naval forces, which are struggling due to limited resources and other problems.


Source: Es News-Front