When An Eagle Messes With An Octopus You Can’t Imagine How It Turns Out (VIDEO)

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The bird did not have the embrace of the tentacles, but thanks to some fishermen managed to escape.

For the group of men it was inevitable not to pay attention to the shrieks that the bald eagle emitted, as it could not get rid of the arms of what would be its prey.

And, being in the water, there was very little what the bird could do, which only complained. I didn’t even flutter.

The group of fishermen chose to save the eagle’s life and with the help of a rod it helped him unravel.

Although they do not know exactly how long it was trapped, it is presumed that it was enough, because when the eagle was rescued it landed on a fallen tree and only took flight after 10 minutes.

It happened on the island of Vancouver, Canada.

Watch the viral YouTube video below…


Source: noticias.caracoltv