Crazy Swordfish Loses Control And Attacks Divers And Their Boat [VIDEO]

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You will not believe it. A viral Facebook video recorded the shocking encounter of a group of fishermen with an aggressive swordfish.

You have to see it. Great panic in thousands of Facebook users is what has caused a viral video shared on the platform. A group of fishermen sailing along the beaches of Thailand were surprised by an aggressive swordfish that stalked the boat. What happened? Keep reading the note to know all the details of the filming that is a trend in social networks.

According to some details in the viral Facebook post, this happened in southern Thailand. The scenes show the precise moment in which the swordfish tries to attack the fishing men.

“This is the terrifying moment when an aggressive swordfish gets caught in a fishing line and tries to attack divers,” reads the description of the viral video that has been shared by Facebook’s Viral Press account.

Immediately, the men who were transported with the ship tried to scare away the dangerous creature ; however, it stayed a few more minutes, causing terror in the witnesses.

Currently, the viral video of Facebook has more than one million views and hundreds of comments from users, who were impressed to see the scene.



Source: La Republica