Not Certain As To Why This Snake Isn’t Eating This Annoying Guy Alive? (VIDEO)

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I see no reason, what-so-ever, why this guy needed to be disturbing and tormenting this snake and her babies?

He never imagined it. A video has just gone viral on YouTube that shows the exact moment when a man mixes Coca Cola and Mentos in a strange hole, without imagining that a deadly creature would emerge from the hole. Thanks to social networks, images became a trend in the United States, Mexico, Canada, among other countries, and thousands of people were amazed to see them. Have you seen them yet? Here we leave them.

The YouTube video is called ‘Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos vs. Python Snake ‘. More than 476,000 users of the aforementioned social network have been able to appreciate the scenes of this unusual moment caused by inexperienced fisherman in Thailand.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a video of a homemade experiment that has Coca Cola and Mentos is broadcast on YouTube. The author of the clip appeared walking through a desolate field in Thailand, when he suddenly found dozens of snake eggs.

The boy to capture the attention of the reptile that was hiding inside a mysterious hole, threw a lot of soda mixed with Mentos inside the hole. Immediately, the python snake came out quickly.

These YouTube images have caused great surprise in thousands of users in Mexico, the United States and Canada, who did not hesitate to share their comments: “What fear to catch a python snake ,” wrote a cybernaut in the viral publication. “If I find a reptile I would run away,” said another.

If you want to see the discovery made by the protagonist of the YouTube viral video inside a hole…


Source: La Republica