A Five-Meter Shark Drags A Fisherman And His Catch Out To Sea

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A marine animal tried to eat the fish that man had fished and ended up taking everything.

Theodore Prinsloo, a fan of underwater fishing in the South African city of Wellington, was fishing on Wednesday near the shores of the Western Cape, when a huge white shark about 5 meters long dragged it into the sea along with the fish that had caught, Fox News reports, referring to the National Maritime Rescue Institute of South Africa.

The weigher used a buoy as a flotation device and had already caught several mussel fish (a species native to South Africa), which he had hooked on his flotation device, when a “5 meter white shark” bit one of the fish and began to get away with the prey. The fisherman was hooked and was also dragged in the opposite direction to the coast.

Prinsloo was taken about 50 meters along the shark until he could get rid and swim towards the shore.

Eyewitnesses who saw the shark thought that he had attacked Prinsloo and called the rescue service. The buoy was found about 200 meters from the coast, but without the fisherman nearby.

Finally the fisherman appeared on his own and the search was concluded.


Source: ActualidadRT