He Captures A Fish With A Mouth Full Of Sharp Teeth That Ends Up Biting Him On The Ass [VIDEO]

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A shocking viral video was shared on YouTube that reveals the exact moment when a fisherman is bitten by a fish.

A fisherman shared on YouTube the terrifying moment he lived while fishing some rare fish in a river in Russia. The clip quickly became a trend in the countries of Mexico, Canada and the United States, surprising thousands of users.

Vladimir Gryshuk, 66, was fishing in a boat with his friend. The fishing had been extraordinary and before returning they could capture one with their hands.

The strange fish they took from the river had sharp teeth and looked scary, but they didn’t stop fishing.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube, showing Vladimir camera caught the last of the fish, never imagining that remain in shock feeling a pain in his back.

And, one of the fish he had caught, had left the bucket in which he was and bit him on the back, leaving two marks.

Thousands of YouTube users were impressed with the fact and posted the viral video on the networks.


Source: La Republica