Man Celebrates Birthday By Putting His Hand In The Jaw Of 14 Foot Reptile [VIDEO]

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The video is viral on YouTube. The bold zoo worker was recorded by his companions at the time he placed his hand inside the mouth of the fierce animal.

Great shock in thousands of YouTube users is what has caused a viral video spread on the platform. An intrepid zoo worker in the United States was caught a few meters away from a voracious crocodile to fulfill the challenge that his companions made: placing his hand inside the mouth of the predator.

As can be seen in the viral video on YouTube, workers at the zoo Gatorland, located in the United States, are the protagonists of a risky film recorded in the interiors of the enclosure of exotic animals.

On YouTube and other social networks they have spread various attacks by crocodiles. One of the most common is when breeders place their hand inside the animal’s mouth, as a sign of how trained they are.

However, in some cases nothing goes as caregivers plan. It is for this reason that a brave man who became ‘famous’ on YouTube after risking his life by placing his hand on the jaws of one of the crocodiles of the American zoo.

What happened? Images of the viral video of YouTube ‘s rapid reaction appreciate the worker, who touching the body of the reptile pulled his hand away.

If you want to see the dangerous encounter that a man had with the voracious animal, we invite you to watch the viral YouTube video below…


Source: La Republica