When You Want To Amp Up Your Game Get Bigger Balls [VIDEO]

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Video is viral on Facebook. The beach ball was so large that several people were needed to send it to the other side of the volleyball net.

A video posted on Facebook has become a trend in social networks, because it shows the precise moment in which bathers are caught playing with a giant ball on a beach in the Philippines. The images were viralized in several countries, such as Mexico, Canada and the United States. 

The audiovisual material, which has thousands of reproductions on Facebook, was shared by a young man named Nins Huo Humen, who witnessed how two groups of people began playing volleyball on the beach, but not with a traditional ball, but with a giant.

As you can see in the images, published on Facebook a few weeks ago, the beach ball is so immense that it takes several people to send it to the other side of the volleyball net, this caused the laughter of everyone present, even the author of the video.

“Summer is here and people know it,” “They’ve given me a great idea for when I go to the beach,” “I would like to have a ball of the same size,” are some of the comments that Facebook users made in This viral video is a trend in social networks.

We leave you the images published on Facebook that have caused the laughter of thousands of citizens, some did not hesitate to share the viral video with their friends. Have you seen it yet? You can find it here.


Source: La Republica