They Discover Creepy Snake-Like Fish That Can Survive On Land And Water [VIDEO]

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You will not believe it. The viral video of Facebook recorded the moment when a mysterious fish was caught by a group of fishermen in the US.

Strange appearance goes viral. Through Facebook the video was shared that records the mysterious appearance of a fish that has particular features and was captured by a group of fishermen in the United States . The strange animal has the appearance of a snake, which has dismayed more than one user. To learn more details about the ‘terrifying’ discovery, keep reading the note.

The viral video has been disseminated by the Collective Culture Facebook account, where more than one million citizens have reproduced the footage that reveals some details of the mysterious animal that appeared in the United States .

The dangerous creature is considered one of the most dangerous animals for being aggressive, as mentioned by some experts in the Facebook post. It is the fish originating in East Asia known as: Channa argus.

As you can see in the images of the popular video, the mysterious creature has the ability to travel great distances over the earth to be able to breathe out of the water, which has attracted the attention of more than one user of Facebook and other social networks .

Some details in the publication highlighted that residents of the United States do not know how the strange creature arrived in the American country. They also commented on the appearance of Channa argus that is 1 meter long and weighs 6 kilos.

Here we share the viral video of Facebook that was shared by the Collective Culture page. “Finish off these fish immediately, they can breathe and walk the earth,” the visual description is read.


Source: La Republica