He Falls Through Broken Ice On Frozen Lake Firemen Risk Their Lives To Save Him [VIDEO]

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A viral video was published on Facebook that shows the courageous action of a firefighter entering a lake to help a stray dog ​​that withstood the low temperatures.

An admirable gesture. A viral video was shared through Facebook that touched thousands of users, after they captured the exact moment that brave firefighters risked their lives to rescue a dog that accidentally fell to a frozen lake and was trapped for several hours.

On December 21, the inhabitants of a community located in the United States alerted the authorities about a tragic accident. It was a huge dog that claimed help for suffering the low temperatures and received help instantly, which caused a great impression on Facebook and other social networks.

Apparently, the helpless animal named Pepper walked down the frozen lake that weakened by its weight causing it to fall. For hours, he barked loudly to be heard and tried to move with the intention of leaving the place .

The Rescuers their implements were placed to slide down the ice and reach the star of the viral on Facebook, who was scared. In the end, he was able to get out alive and received the necessary attention to protect him from the low temperatures.

The images were disseminated on the same Facebook page by the fire company , which obtained more than 50 thousand reproductions and soon became a trend . Several users congratulated the men and applauded their work.

“This melts my heart knowing that you saved the dog. Great team work!”, “You are amazing,” “this is wonderful,” “thank you for helping the beautiful animal,” “dogs are people too. It ‘s great that everyone has the training and equipment to provide this extra level of security “were some comments placed in the viral video of Facebook .

Here is the original Facebook video:


Source: Noticias Caracol TV