“Only In Canada” Man Is Ice Skating On Lunch Break Rescues Three Deer Trapped On The Frozen Lake (VIDEO)

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Three wild animals were trapped when they tried to cross a lake that was not yet completely frozen.

Canadian Ryan Peterson came skating to rescue three deer trapped in a freshly frozen lake. On December 3, during his lunch break he saw that the animals could not move on thin ice and decided to act quickly.

The man returned to his workplace to take some ropes that he used to drag the deer to the shore. “The ice was still too thin for any type of vehicle, so the only option was to skate,” he explained to the media later.

Peterson managed to approach the deer skating, reports CTV News. He tied the rope around each one’s neck and, pulling it, led them to the shore of the lake. However, only two of the animals were able to regain their balance by reaching the edge and standing up. The third deer, a female, “had a seemingly injured hip or leg,” according to Peterson.

The skater gave notice to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – the state in which the events took place – however, officials said it would not be possible to provide assistance immediately. They claimed that security reasons did not allow it, since the lake was not completely frozen. It is unknown if the injured deer finally received veterinary help.

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: ActualidadRT