Dog Drives Owner’s Car Into Body Of Water After Being Left In Vehicle With Engine Running (VIDEO)

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The animal was inside the vehicle, in which, the engine running.

A strange incident occurred in the Chinese city of Jinhua, in Zhejiang Province, where a dog accidentally started its owner’s car and submerged it in a pond, local media reported.

The surveillance cameras managed to capture the moment when the man, a local merchant, parked his vehicle, leaving it with the engine running and the trunk door open in front of a pool, while briefly looking for some boxes.

When he saw his owner return, the animal, which was inside the car, got excited and somehow managed to move the gearshift of the car, causing it to end up in the pond.

Fortunately the dog could be rescued by the panoramic roof, which was open.

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: ActualidadRT