He Goes Diving In The Ocean With A GoPro Where We Can See Him Being Surrounded [VIDEO]

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Spooky. YouTube users could see the exact moment when two white sharks swim around a group of tourists.

An impressive video has been circulating the web. This viral on YouTube has caused panic among the spectators, because the meeting had a group of tourists with huge white sharks prowling their boats. The adventurers were aboard kayaks, very light and small canoes, unexpectedly notice the presence of these huge sea creatures.  

Through the YouTube Newsflare account, the video that is trending in Mexico, the United States and Canada was shared. 

As can be seen in the viral video, two young people who were aboard a boat were surprised by the presence of huge 13-foot-long sharks on the South African coast, according to the description in Newsflare.

“A friend and I were rowing when, suddenly, a great white four-meter shark began to follow us, then surrounded the kayaks for a couple of minutes and then swam,” the YouTube post described .

Filming thanks to a GoPro camera managed to capture the moment when sharks approach the ship, a scene that terrified more than one on social networks .

If you want to see the dramatic moment that tourists experienced and went viral on YouTube , we invite you to check out the video below…


Source: La Republica