Who Knew Whale Vomit Could Be Worth Millions, Especially The Grey Amber Coloured Kind (VIDEO)

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The gray sperm whale amber is a very popular product in the perfume industry.

The viral YouTube video of  a man who came across, while walking along a beach in Songkhla province, Thailand, in search of recyclable waste, a man found a valuable piece of solidified whale vomit on Wednesday, whose market value can amount to more than $ 720,000, reports Newsflare.

That day, Surachet Chanchu was struck by what he found in the sand because of its similarity to the precious gray amber, which is formed in the digestive tract of whales and that is highly demanded by the perfume industry. Then he took the bulk of 37 pounds (about 17 kilograms) to his house and together with his friends made a simple test, exposing the product to the flame of a lighter. After starting to melt, it emitted a pleasant smell, which would indicate that it is the valuable substance.

Surachet is currently waiting for government authorities to review his discovery. “I thought it looked like a whale vomit, but I need someone who knows how to come and check it out,” he said.

According to experts, gray amber can float in the ocean for more than 100 years after being expelled as a bile duct secretion from the sperm whale, then solidify and ripen over seawater.

The best quality gray amber can sell for about $ 20,000 a pound (0.45 kilos).

Watch the Viral YouTube video below…


Source: ActualidadRT