Narco Submarine Carrying Two Tons Of Cocaine In Peru Captured And Being Towed To Paita

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For the first time in Peru, the Navy found the ship in front of Talara, Piura. The mafias found a new route to the United States. Cargo will be delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Semi-submersible or ‘ narcosubmarine ‘ that carried two tons of cocaine was found with four crew members, for the first time in Peru. After his capture, this Wednesday, December 11, he arrived at Paita, in Piura, because he was towed by the BAP Río Piura Maritime Patrol (PM-206).

The intervened persons and the suspicious cargo will be delivered to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Illicit Drug Trafficking, who will be in charge of carrying out the law investigations.

The ´narcosubmarino´ was operated on 178 nautical miles of the Peruvian coast, at the height of Talara on December 7 at approximately 13:30 hours.

Members of the Armed Forces patrolling in the Coast Guard Rio Piura intercepted the ship on that date, but the operation began a day earlier thanks to intelligence work by the maritime authorities.

The four crew members aboard the semi – submersible are a Mexican citizen, one Ecuadorian and two Colombians, who were transporting this probable cocaine alkaloid to the United States.

According to the general commander of the PNP , José Lavalle, for the modality of the transfer of the drug it would be a Colombian cartel with the participation of Peruvian gangsters. He also added that Dirandro, in coordination with the DEA, investigates this seizure.

In addition, Navy sources explained that the power of the narcosubmarine is of such magnitude that it can reach 23 kilometers per hour. They also detailed that it was piloted through GPS, a fact that helped them maintain their course.

Despite the importance of the narcosubmarine, the travel conditions for the crew were subhuman and they could have died during the trip.

Narco Submarine Carrying Two Tons Of Cocaine In Peru Captured And Being Towed To Paita


Source: La Republica