Albino Croc Enjoys A Bath And Shows It With Grin Of Satisfaction [VIDEO]

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A viral video was published on Facebook that shows the unexpected reaction of a fierce albino crocodile after receiving a brush bath from an aquarium caretaker.

Unusual done. Through Facebook, viral videos are shared that have as main protagonists the animals that surprise users with their occurrences. On this occasion, an albino crocodile had an unexpected reaction when he received a brush bath and showed his docile behaviour with his caregivers. This fact became a trend in social networks of different countries such as the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The fierce animal lives in the North Carolina Aquarium in Fort Fisher, located in the United States, is 14 years old and was baptized with the name of Luna. The employees of the place never imagined the touching action of the reptile that caused a sensation on Facebook and other social networks.

As a routine, the protagonist of the Facebook viral receives exfoliations to remove dirt and algae. One day, a group of young people in charge of caring for dangerous reptiles approached with brushes and got a tremendous surprise.

A girl took advantage that the crocodile approached her and began to bathe him, for a moment she was afraid. Within minutes, he noticed that the animal showed a slight ‘ smile ‘ of satisfaction and emotion for the grooming.

As seen in the viral video on Facebook, his companions received the same treatment of workers , but did not have the same reaction and chose to hide their heads under water.

The images were published on a well-known animal page on Facebook, where they obtained more than 50 thousand views and soon became a trend. Several users were shocked with the calm behaviour of the wild crocodile and demonstrate their happiness for cleanliness.

Watch the video posted to Facebook here:


Source: La Republica