Man Puts His Life In Danger By Attempting To Remove A Tire Stuck Around Its Neck (VIDEO)

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A viral video was published on Facebook that shows the kind work of a young man using a rope to rescue a gigantic sea lion that was in danger by having a tire on his neck.

A noble action A viral video was shared through Facebook that touched more than one user, because a young man put his life in danger to help a defenseless sea ​​lion who had a tire on his neck that caused severe injuries to his body.

The pollution is a problem that affects humans, for example, seas full of waste that put at risk are animals and there have been several cases that generate outrage. One of the victims was the huge mammal that was trapped in a car tire, to his good luck a boy noticed the situation and rescued him, which made an impression on Facebook.

The boy went to a desolate beach accompanied by his best friends to watch the sunrise and enjoy the animals that inhabited the place, but there was a detail that alarmed him and ran desperate to the protagonist of the viral Facebook.

Carefully, he approached the sea lion and held a rope to try to remove the wheel that caused several cuts in the body. Meanwhile, his companions called for help to the neighbours and after a few long minutes, they could achieve their goal.

A well-known animal page was responsible for disseminating the images on Facebook, where they got more than 10,000 views and became a trend in a matter of hours. Several users congratulated the mans action to save the gigantic animal and criticized the people guilty of contaminating the beaches.

Here is the video posted on Facebook:


Source: La Republica