They See Her Crossing A River With Her Baby On Her Back [VIDEO]

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Video is viral on YouTube. The mother bear had to cross a mighty river and as she could not leave her baby, she decided to transport her on her back.

A video posted on YouTube has gone viral on social networks, because it shows the exact moment when a baby bear is caught riding on the back of his mother who swam in a river in Canada. The images became a trend in several countries, such as Mexico, the United States and Canada. Did you see them

Viralhog, the YouTube channel that published the video, revealed that the images were recorded in a forest called Great Bear Rainforest, located in British Columbia, in Canada.

“The mother bear and the cub were looking for salmon in the nearby streams and the group had seen them for a couple of days,” said Norm Hann, the author of the YouTube video.

“Then at high tide we saw her reach the edge of the water with a cub. Both crossed the bay and disappeared into the trees, ”he added.

The images generated all kinds of comments on YouTube, the majority of users surprised to see such a magnificent scene that soon became a trend in social networks.

Watch the viral YouTube video below…


Source: La Republica