Activist Published New Images Of The Death In The Tourist Cage On Guadalupe Island (WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS SENSITIVE IMAGES)

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The company that owns the boat, Nautílus, said in a statement that the shark had been “swimming”

The Viral YouTube Video of the white shark that was trapped between the bars of a tourist cage in the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve, in Baja California, “He did not go swimming”, as the Nautílus company said in its statement.

That is the clear message he wrote through his Twitter account Arturo Islas Allende , the activist who reported the facts last Friday. The shark “did die,” he insisted. “He went to the bottom of the sea,” and to prove it he published new bleak images.

“In the face of the wild statements of @CONANP_mx @profepa and #MikeLeverfueradeMexico, responsible for the death of the white shark, after the publication of the video where I expose the accident x negligence, I need to show you the second part of the video I don’t lie, ”he wrote on the social network Islas Allende.

The shared recording on Twitter shows how the white shark, after bleeding from the bars, falls and floats inert in the ocean.

“Sadly, I had to share this Viral YouTube Video… THE SHARK DID DIE. Yes he went to the bottom of the sea. I didn’t want to share the video out of respect for this species, because I think seeing it like this is outrageous. What makes me very sad is that the authorities knew that this video existed and that they were at risk of being public, and yet they decided to launch a statement, CONANP, where they still wanted to justify the issue of the activity and what this ship does, Nautílus, and justify itself that it had been notified, when the reality is that if this had been notified, that ship would not have to continue sailing in Mexican waters until clarification, pay the corresponding fines and obviously pay for what it happened, ”said the activist in the video.

Although the events occurred on October 9, the recording of the incident was not released until last Friday, when Arturo Islas shared it for the first time in networks. The images show the moment when the white shark rammed the observation cage in which two tourists are, and dies trapped and bled between the bars.

“There is a guy named Mike Lever, who owns two ships. The Viral YouTube Video that they show in which the shark fills with blood and unfortunately dies, is in the Nautílus ”, the activist denounced the weekend. “This guy didn’t want to change his cages. He was insisted since 2017 that he please change his cages. […] He never changed them, until this happened, ”he added.

The accident occurred on the Nautílus boat, owned by Canadian businessman Mike Lever . After Arturo Islas accused the company of not complying with current regulations, and having caused the death of a protected species, the company defended itself and assured in a statement that the white shark had been swimming. In addition, he added that the observer of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), Beatriz Guadalupe Torres González, was present on the trip, took record of the accident, and verified that the activity of the Nautílus complied with the current Management Program.

Although, as the activist’s second video demonstrates, the white shark did die after the accident. Damage to a specimen of this species is sanctioned in Mexico, as well as capturing or retaining it, as it is a threatened animal, according to NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010.

As reported by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), the copy was “A male of approximately 3.5 meters in length, which has been seen in surrounding areas of the Isla Guadalupe Biosphere Reserve since 2016. ”

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) already investigates the facts.

Watch the Viral YouTube Video below…



Source: Infobae