Evil And Cruelty Spray Painted On The Side Of A Polar Bear (HEARTBREAKING VIDEO)

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The polar bear with an inscription on its back unleashed a mystery among citizens, because to do something like that to a bear it is necessary to sedate it first. In addition, this pint threatens the life of the animal for different reasons.

A video on social networks shows the appearance of a polar bear with an inscription on the back has alarmed scientists and animal  advocates in Russia, because this act implies animal cruelty and could cost the animal life.

They marked it with paint

Until the social networks came the video of a polar bear that has a pint on its back. The video, just a few seconds long, was captured by cameras from a monitoring system in an icy area of ​​Russia, and has been shared by the Instagram account vesma.today.

On the back of the bear it can be seen that the characters T-34 in black colour were traced, apparently with spray paint. This inscription drew the attention of thousands of people, because in the first place scientists mentioned that to do something like that to a bear, it is first necessary to sedate it, and secondly, a mystery was unleashed to know what the T-34 meant.

In the same social networks, a user revealed that T-34 refers to a tank model used by the Russians to prevail over Nazi Germany during World War II. Internet users called this expression a joke in bad taste.

They put their lives at risk

Despite being solved the mystery of the inscription on the back of the animal, the video came to the eyes of scientists, who indicated that the painting could be deadly for the bear for different reasons.

First of all, the letters make the bear more visible to its prey, which could bring huge hunting difficulties, and could starve to death. In addition, the letters on his body make him an easier prey to identify for poachers.

The bears depend on their fur, which is transparent and reflects the white of the snow, to hide and hunt.


Source: La Verdad Noticias