Man Creates A Fake Remote Controlled Device To Terrify Swimmers Laughs As They Swim For Their Lives [VIDEO]

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The video has gone viral on YouTube. A hidden camera recorded the reaction that the victims of this terrible prank had, with bathers in Brazil.

You will kill yourself with laughter. Thousands of users of YouTube and other social networks have laughed at the images of the viral video. An old man placed a false crocodile head inside a lake, in Brazil, to scare the bathers. The video of the terrible joke recorded the reaction of each of the victims.

These curious scenes that are a trend in social networks, were shared by the Hidden Cameras Channel Silvio Santos program on YouTube, where more than 5 million users have been able to appreciate the viral video.

As you can see in the images, the head of the crocodile was dominated by an old man who, when the bathers entered the water, he frightened them to death with the remote controlled reptile.

Some YouTube users have laughed at the despair of the victims; however, others questioned the heavy joke that the Brazilian program of Silvio Santos developed.

“How funny it is to see how people run to save their lives,” “I don’t think it’s nice to make fun of ans frighten vacationers that way,” “Victims could suffer from PTSD after seeing the crocodile, ” are some of the reactions of YouTube users.

If you want to see the fake crocodile meeting with the bathers, we invite you to check out the viral YouTube video below…


Source: La Republica