The Sweetness And Bitterness Of Life In One Small Moment (VIDEO)

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One person saved a baby turtle from being run over, but when he placed it by the ocean he didn’t count on a seagull lurking from above.

“Sometimes life squeezes … but it also drowns.” With that message Santiago Segura shared a video through his Twitter account that has gone viral because of the bad luck of the marine animal. It was that when it seemed that he was going to save his life thanks to the help of a person, Mother Nature returned him to the harsh reality.

It all starts when a person rescues a turtle, as heard in the video, of being killed by a car on a road. That same person relocates the turtle to the sea, since it was very close to the shore, and positions it on the sand: but what will happen next is a twist of the destiny that nobody expected.

The turtle walks a couple of meters and takes advantage of the arrival of a wave to enter the sea. However, just a couple of seconds later, a seagull arrives flying, hunts the turtle that had just been released and takes it to a remote place, presumably to eat it or use it as food for its young.

The complete message of Santiago Segura is “man saves a little turtle from being run over and takes it to the sea, but … Sometimes life squeezes … but it also drowns.” The replies to his message have not been long in coming and there are many who believe that the turtle’s fate was already written and that nothing could be done to save it.

Watch the video here…


Source: El Confidencial

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