Boy Is Surfing When Something Jumps Out Of The Water Knocking Him Off Of His Board [VIDEO]

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A viral video posted on Twitter shows the precise moment that the child falls from the surfboard after being hit by a shark on the beach of New Smyrna.

An unexpected outcome. A boy became the main protagonist of a viral video that was shared on Twitter, because they captured the exact moment that he was hit by a shark, while surfing on the beach of New Smyrna , located in the United States.

The family of little 7-year-old Chandler Moore decided to spend a vacation in a heavenly place in Orlando , Florida, after the Thanksgiving holiday; However, they did not imagine the scene that would occur and that would make a great impression on Twitter.

The protagonist of the Twitter viral placed a GoPro camera to record his incredible feats on the surfboard. After a few seconds, he managed to get up and got carried away by a dangerous wave, but suddenly he was surprised by a great impact.

As seen in the viral video of Twitter a shark of a strong medium – sized hit the table, meanwhile the lowest jumped back to give scope to his father and to escape the danger.

The animal that attacked the boy was a blacktip tail, a common species in New Smyrna Beach. Some specialists consider the site as one of the capitals of the world of shark attacks.

Twitter images were published on the well-known Clarín page , where they obtained more than one million views and quickly became a trend. Several users highlighted the fate of the child to be unharmed by the strong blow caused by the marine animal.

Watch the viral Twitter video here…

Source: La Republica