Boat Sinks Off Baní Coast Santo Domingo

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SANTO DOMINGO. – Technicians of the Governing State of Puerto de la Armada of the Dominican Republic and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources evaluate and carry out a survey to verify the possible damages caused in the area where a vessel belonging to a bank sank off the coast of Baní company dedicated to raising fish in ponds.

It is the boat “KillicDominik” of 64 feet in length, owned by the company that bears the same name of the boat. The accident occurred about five nautical miles south of Punta Salinas, Baní, in front of the maritime area called “El Derrumbao”.

Both the Navy authorities and the Environment technicians try to determine the causes of the sinking of the vessel, but it is presumed that it was due to a water inlet from the engine exhaust, while it was anchored.

As for the hydrocarbon spread in the water, as a result of evaporation, according to the authorities, it has decreased considerably because it is a light fuel.

In the same way, the investigating commission made a tour in the area of ​​the sinking of the boat in the boat “Polaris” LI-162 of the Navy, to check exactly if there has been a fuel spill in the place.

Also from the boat “Polaris” LI-162, divers from the Navy and the KillicDominik company went down to the seabed where the boat is located to check the condition of the fuel tanks, which were even sealed as a precautionary measure to avoid Possible diesel spill.

Boat Sinks Off Baní Coast Santo Domingo

A technician indicates the place of the sinking of the boat.


Source: El Dia