He Is Fishing In The Amazon River And Catches A Small Fish With Strange Teeth [VIDEO]

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The finding of a professional fisherman of ‘River Monsters’ has gone viral on YouTube. The creature that managed to catch gives chills.

The YouTube channel ‘ River Monsters’ revealed a unique discovery on the Amazon River. Animal Planet’s professional fisherman, Jeremy Wade, was able to catch a small fish but with strange teeth. The event happened in the jungle of Brazil and thousands of users in the United States and Mexico have seen the viral video thanks to social networks.

Jeremy Wade, host of the River Monsters program, travelled to South America for a new adventure that has been viralized on YouTube and other social networks. As can be seen in the viral video, a river creature captivated more than one Internet user.

On one of Wade’s tours of the Brazilian jungle, he captured ‘pacu’, a well-known fish from the Amazon. The appearance of the curious creature caught the attention of fishing fans, due to the teeth that the animal bore.

It should be noted that this YouTube publication has also been broadcast by the Animal planet program, where more than one viewer ended up impressed with the strange appearance of the fish that Jeremy Wade could capture.

Through this note we share the viral video published in ‘River Monsters’. Currently, the post has more than 9,000 views and hundreds of comments from YouTube users.



Source: La Republica