They Find A Fish With A Bloated Stomach, Open It Up And Discover What Killed It [VIDEO]

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Unexpected end. A video has just been viralized on YouTube that shows the exact moment when they open a fish with a swollen stomach and discover what would have killed it.

You will be very surprised. Thousands of people on YouTube were very angry, after watching a viral video that shows the precise moment when a fisherman opens a fish that had a bloated stomach and discovers what had killed this sea creature. Thanks to social networks , the impressive images became a trend in several countries, such as Mexico, the United States and Canada. What was inside? We tell you.

According to the description of the video, which was published on Youtube by the ViralPress page, this incident that angered thousands of people on social networks was recorded on November 21 on a beach in the Philippines by a local fisherman.

The man, identified as Eunice Tenplado, revealed that he was fishing on the Negros Oriental beach, located in the Philippines , when he suddenly noticed a very strange mere fish that had a swollen belly, so he decided to separate it from the rest and take it home.

The huge marine animal, which weighed approximately 10 kilos, had swollen stomach, so the fisherman took a knife and began to open it, without imagining that he would discover the causes of his death.

As you can see in the images, uploaded to YouTube on November 27, the fisherman opened the stomach of the huge grouper and found a large plastic disposable cup.

The controversial discovery caused all kinds of comments on YouTube, the majority of users who showed their disgust at the pollution that marine animals have as main victims.


Source: La Republica