An Alarming Amount Of Sea Foam Off The Coast Of Tabasco, Mexico Authorities Having No Explanation Why (VIDEO) (VIDEO)

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A sea of ​​foam from the Gulf of Mexico has enveloped the streets of Sánchez Magallanes, Mexico, without the authorities having an explanation.

The Tabasco Civil Protection Institute (IPCET) is now investigating the origin of this foreign substance.

On Wednesday morning, streets near the beach, neighbours of Villa Sánchez Magallanes, in Cárdenas, detected that in front of their houses there was a thick layer of foam.

In the videos that went up to social networks the inhabitants can be seen that the foam layer exceeded the meter high, before this, some people entered a house near the coast to get in the arms of an elderly woman who had fear of going through the substance.

The director of the Institute of Civil Protection of the State of Tabasco (IPCET), Jorge Mier and Terán, said that agency personnel came to the area, located near the limits with Veracruz by the coastal zone, and the report at noon is that the foam was almost diluted and there was only residue left by the sea.

It should be noted that a sample was collected for analysis, however, according to the population, it is the first time that this phenomenon has occurred to such magnitude and it is unknown what formed it.



Source: Extranotix