He Jumps On A Jet Ski To Save A Boy From Drowning In The Ocean In Thailand (VIDEO)

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About 100 meters from the shore, the teenager almost died.

On Ko Samui Island, Thailand, a jet ski operator rescued a teenager last Saturday who was about to drown in the sea, about 100 meters from the shore. When he realized what was happening, he climbed into one of those devices and went to his rescue. The fact was captured on video by a witness and, after being shared on Youtube, it went viral.

Saroj Chuaykerd, 37, worked as he did every day in a jet ski rental store when he heard a commotion: on the beach, many people shouted without knowing what to do, given the difficult situation in which the child was. Then, he quickly took one of the available jet skis and met him, says a local newspaper. 

In the video you can see how the rescuer grabbed the teenager by the arm and lifted him up to the rear of the jetski, to take him back to the shore.

“I was working at the jet ski rental post, and part of my duty is to watch the sea, in case tourists have an accident while travelling on our vehicles,” Saroj said, then ask visitors to be more careful, since cases of drowning on that island are common.

Watch the viral YouTube video here:


Source: Actualidad.rt