He LOVES Water So Much That He Goes Nuts Splashing Around In The Most Adorable Way (VIDEO)

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Swimming the style that lives up to its name, this cheerful pet will steal more than one smile. Watch the viral that causes a sensation on YouTube.

Unlike cats , dogs love water to the point that a swimming style bears his name; However, one of them likes to go crazy as soon as he comes in contact with her.

In a video that became a trend on YouTube , shared by the Jukin Media channel, the pet is seen playing in a bucket of water and splashing around with its front legs.

Seeing him splashing water continuously, his owner asks if he was done and if he wanted to he could swim a little more. “Come on! I’m going to swim a little too, ”he says, waving his hand inside the bucket.

Now with the permission of its owner, the dog – whose race is a cross between Labrador and Jack Russell – can not hide his emotion and continues splashing but can not cool off on that hot day.

Watch the Viral Youtube video here…

Source: Trome