Group Of Divers Notice That He Is Is Trying To Ask For Help And Soon Discover Why (VIDEO)

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The animal had been attacked with a hook, which did not allow it to move its fin. This touching video has gone viral on Facebook.

A viral Facebook video shows an unusual event between a dolphin and some divers swimming with manta rays in the depths of the ocean.

The dolphin approached the humans to ask for help, because its fin was injured, although the divers had not noticed it until they saw the hook sticking out.

Immediately a diver very carefully begins to remove the hook, once outside, begins to remove the line and even had to remove from the dolphin’s own mouth.

The animal was not in a hurry, if not quite the opposite, he was very patient all the time, because he knew he was receiving help.

The diver, once he was absolutely certain that the dolphin was safe, said goodbye and sent the grateful animal to his family.

Watch the viral Facebook video here…


Source: Mag el Comercio