He Cautiously Drinks Water From A River And Out Of Nowhere Gets Fatally Attacked [VIDEO]

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A viral video was shared on YouTube that reveals the moment in which a giant python snake curled around the deer to strangle it.

Thousands of YouTube users have been shocked to see a video that reveals the brutal attack of a python with a helpless deer. The scene captured by a tourist show how the gigantic predator emerged from the river to open its jaws and devour its prey, a fact that became viral in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The YouTube video was recorded in the Karwa Forest, in the Indian state of Maharashtra; However, Internet users from countries like Mexico have been able to appreciate the heartbreaking murder of a defenseless animal, attacked by a voracious snake.

The video camera recorded the scene in which a herd of deer approaches a desolate river to drink, without imagining that a python calculated its movements. The author of the YouTube viral video caught the unexpected reaction of the predator to hunt his prey with a single bite.

Although the deer took a leap to try to dodge the voracious predator, it dislocated its huge jaws until it suffocated the deer, a moving scene that caused terror in some animal lovers.

“Nature presents you with unexpected situations”, “What horror! I could never record that scene in my life”,“ Shocking image ”, are some of the comments posted via YouTube.

Watch the Youtube video here…


Source: La Republica