Man Risks His Life To Save Them After Falling 60 Feet Into A Dry Water Well [VIDEO]

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Really admirable. The brave protagonist of the YouTube video entered the deep well after hearing the heartbreaking cries of two small puppies.

Unexpected final. Through YouTube, a video was shared that shows the precise moment when a young man from India entered a deep hole after realizing that two small dogs had fallen in the desolate place. Users of the aforementioned social network admired the courageous reaction that the protagonist of the viral had when rescuing the defenseless animals. These scenes have moved thousands of viewers from various countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United States and other countries.

This is not the first time that the rescue of a stray dog has spread on YouTube or some other social network. This time, two puppies moved more than one after appearing inside a pit full of garbage.

According to some details that the rescuer shared on YouTube, the animals fell into a well 60 meters high; however, they were unharmed from the accident. Some users have described the puppies as “angels.”

It is unknown if they had fallen in by accident or if someone had abandoned them there?

“They did not even break a single bone, I think they are fallen angels”, “How can there be people so bad that they abandon their animals”, “This is very outrageous”, were some of the reactions that cybernauts had in the publication of YouTube.

Finally, the dogs were fed and delivered to their mother. This scene thrilled thousands of animal lovers, who applauded the people who helped the puppies.

Through this note you can see the viral video that was shared by YouTube’s ‘Animal Aid Unlimited, India’ page, where more than 58,000 users have played the clip that is trending in Mexico.


Source: La Republica