A Birdfish? He Catches The Strangest Fish With The Head Of Bird [VIDEO]

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A video posted on Facebook disturbed thousands of users because of the particular aspect of a mysterious fish that was caught from a mysterious lake in China.

You will be shocked to see it. Thousands on Facebook ended up terrified to see the appearance of a mysterious fish that was caught by a fisherman in China . The man noticed that the animal’s head had a malformation, so he decided to record his physiognomy and then spread it on social networks , where he has been very commented on by Internet users. What creature is it? Through this note you will know all the details of this finding has become a trend in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States.

According to the details in the Newsflare Facebook post, the discovery took place in the eastern province of Zhejiang, in China , on October 14; However, the author of the viral video recently shared the images on the Internet.

As you can see in the video, a fisherman caught a fish with a bird-shaped mouth, a fact that impacted thousands of Facebook users. It is a very real creature with a birth malformation.

The fish has the characteristics of a ‘Chinese carp’ or ‘herbivorous carp’ except for the strange head that looks like a bird’s beak. This is not the first time that a strange aquatic animal with a mutation has gone viral on Facebook.

A year ago, Facebook’s South China Morning Post page shared a video that went viral on the net, because a fish with the same characteristics of this fish with a bird’s ‘beak’ appeared.

Therefore, a biologist consulted by the same Facebook page explained that the malformation fits with some type of physical damage suffered by the embryo before developing. Through this note, we share the viral video.

If you want to see the appearance of the mysterious fish that is viral in social networks , we invite you to check out our photo gallery. Remember that to see the images, all you have to do is slide each one to the left.

Here we share the publication of the South China Morning Post Facebook page, where you can appreciate the mysterious aspect of the fish found in China.


Source: La Republica