He Is Brutally And Relentlessly Attacked By An Aggressive Swan In A Lake (VIDEO)

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A viral YouTube video recorded the brutal pecks and slaps suffered by a dog of a black swan, after finding him taking a dip in its territory.

Via YouTube. An afternoon of fun for a woman who was walking her dog through an artificial lake in the city of Chengdu, in southwest China, became the worst day of her life, as she witnessed the moment when her pet almost died drowned by the painful pecks of a black swan, which defended its territory at all costs.

The Golden Retriever dog, named Xishi, was caught in a viral YouTube video, enjoying a refreshing swim on the edge of a huge lake. However, his fun was short-lived, after being attacked by a furious black swan who approached with open wings and pecked his head.

Totally terrified, the owner of the dog, gave a heartbreaking shout: “Oh, no. Here comes the swan! ”,“ Xishi, go! Come here!”. The viral YouTube recording captured the moment the black swan jumped on the back of the dog and began hitting it with its wings, while pecking it nonstop.

At all times, the dog managed to stay afloat on the deep lake and swam with all his might to the safety of the shore, where he was received by its owner. “That is an aggressive swan!” Added Ms. Zhang, after calling her pet to rescue her.

The scene broadcast on YouTube showed the moment in which Ms. Zhang tried to get the dog out of the water while she looked at the swan, who was very pleased to repel the intruder. Fortunately, the woman, the dog and the swan were not injured during the incident.

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Source: El Popular