With Patience And Stealth He Catches A Fish Who Never Even Seen It Coming (VIDEO)

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The video is viral on YouTube. The owners of the pet were impressed to see when the dog captures the creature that was static in the water.

A video broadcast on Facebook surprised more than one user, due to the rapid reaction that a daring dog had when catching a fish from the lake in the United States. The animal was captured by its owners at the exact moment it dipped its snout to catch its ‘prey’, fact has become viral in various countries such as Mexico, United States and Canada.

Through an animal page on YouTube, an American family shared the fun moment when they were surprised by their puppy’s reaction to running into a small fish.

As can be seen in the viral video on YouTube a dog stared finely a fish that was in the lake. After a few minutes, he brought his snout to the water to bite him, which caused surprise in his owners.

“I would like to have the same ability as this dog”, “How funny”, “I should have those skills for fishing “, are some of the curious reactions that YouTube users had, after watching the viral video.

It should be noted that the videos that are viralized about pets, are increasingly the ones with the most reactions on YouTube, and other social networks. This time, the filming of a curious dog fishing became ‘trending topic’.

Watch here the viral video of YouTube:


Source: La Republica