During A Surf Session She Turns Around To See If Her Boyfriend Is Behind Her You Won’t Believe What She Finds (VIDEO)

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The romantic surfer Chris Garth prepared the perfect marriage proposal for his girlfriend, Lauren Oiye.   

The two major athletes from Honolulu met two years ago at Waikiki’s Queens Beach. They spent their first dates surfing the waves of the ocean and fell in love with them. So it was the perfect place for an aqua-romantic wedding proposal.   

While they were riding a wave together, Lauren turned around to see if Chris was following her, but instead found him on bended knee upon his board, giving her a ring and shouting the big question over the noise of the waves. A beautiful proof of love and balance.    

The scene was worthy of a great romantic comedy literally fell apart when Lauren enthusiastically accepted … and that Chris dropped the ring into the ocean.      

Chris may be clumsy, but at least he is was predicting. Another ring, the real one this time, was waiting for his new fiancée on the beach.      

Or maybe, just maybe, did he want to make his request even more striking by being a little afraid of her answer?    

In any case, today, the lovebirds enjoy the virality of their magic moment.     

We wish the couple a happy plunge into married life and thank them for the beautiful Instagram photos.   


Source: Le Sac de Chips